Pinoy Sunday (2009) Full Movie


Pinoy Sunday (2009)

Dado Tagalog and Manuel dela Cruz are two Overseas Filipino workers employed with Giant Bicycles in Taiwan. While Dado misses his wife and daughter back home,

he has been dating a Personal Care Assistant named Anna. Meanwhile, Manuel has hopelessly been in love with a club hostess named Cecilia. One Sunday after Church, a chain of events occurs between the two friends. Manuel tries to ask Cecilia out on a date when he spots her at a hair salon.

He does her a favor by buying mango ice drinks for Cecilia and her companions, only for them to flake out on him. Dado foolishly decides to break up with Anna on her birthday,

which he had forgotten all along. As the duo talk about their heartbreaking experiences over lunch, they notice a Taiwanese couple arguing over a red couch that is delivered on their doorstep.

When the couple and delivery workers abandon the couch, Manuel sees it as a sign from God and decides that he and Dado bring it back to their dormitory. After a friend overcharges them for offering to deliver it on his truck and the local bus refuses to accommodate it, Dado and Manuel have no choice but to carry the couch on foot. In the middle of their journey, they cross a street when a drunk motorcyclist collides with the couch.

The motorcyclist argues heavily with the duo until all three men are sent to the police station when the motorcyclist accidentally hits a policewoman with his helmet. At the precinct, Manuel begins to fear of being deported when an officer wonders if the duo stole the couch, but the policewoman lets the duo go after filing her report.